Efficiently Manage Your School with EDNIFY

Easily manage everything from class schedule, student attendance, assessments, and grading. Teaching has never been this stress-free!
Engage parents with clear, relevant reporting to stay up-to-date about their children in totality using powerful school administrative software.

Effective academics management with powerful school administration system and tracking of every child along their learning curve to boost performance. It focuses on the critical functions of running a school effectively and manages processes and operations related to Teachers, Students, Parents, Finance and so on.


Keeps a comprehensive list of all school staff members and their information. Staff can be assigned to manage his/her class and subjects.



Preparing for your growth and success, we provide totally outstanding IT solutions.

Automate administrative tasks and academic processes

EDNIFY can be customized to suit the unique needs of each educational institution, from small to large schools. It can be accessed via desktop, laptop, or mobile devices, allowing teachers, staff, and parents to access information and communicate with each other from anywhere, at any time.

Enhance Your School's Productivity with Our Comprehensive Management Solution.

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