In modern Universities there is a great need to have a robust result management system since student’s results are one of the most important article of the business environment.

University Result Management System (URMS) is a robust result management system that automates and digitizes a lot of the processes which involve student result processing. These processes range from student examination, result marking, approval of results, transfer of results from departments to faculty or senate as the case may be, producing of student result reports, summary and charts, automated result notification and publishing, transcript processing as well as intelligent customized result analysis to produce a performance analysis of courses, students, lecturers, departments or even faculties.

In addition, URMS encompasses a secure and monitored system that not only tracks and logs all the activities. It also enables users to communicate to other users or in some cases to groups of people depending on the level of the user. The robust database design of the system helps maintain high data integrity and performance. URMS also comes with automated backup systems that help ensure minimal loss of data if at all in the case of hardware failure.

URMS is an online application for managing any Universities result generation and publication with several modules. It is user friendly and fully responsive with suitable design. It supports integrated multiple user accounts with authorized Panel and frontend admin authentication.

URMS has been developed to override the problems prevailing in the practicing manual system. This software is supported to eliminate and in some cases reduce the hardships faced by this existing system. Moreover this system is designed for the particular need of the university to carry out operations in a smooth and effective manner.

The main objective of the Result Management System is to manage the details of Result, Student, Course, Exam. It manages all the information about result, activity, exam, student. The project is totally built at administrative end and thus only the administrator is guaranteed the access.


1Accumulated Result Calculation

The results can be generated with all the information that is present within the database. Faculties and administrator can easily generate results with the help of a simple form. With the changes reflected in the database, the students are notified about their results.

2Create Results Instantly
3Calculate Total Marks and Percentage Easily
4More Granular Result Lines
5Mark Sheet Lines
6Different Types of Results

Functionalities Provided

  • Searching facilities based on various factors such as result progress, activity, exam
  • Course details management
  • tracking of information of student, course & activity
  • management of student information
  • audit trail
  • result management
  • lecturer management
  • result management
  • system setting
  • privilege management
  • sms notification
  • email notification
  • two factor authentication
  • bulk import functionality
  • export functionality
  • personalized messaging
  • user friendly & responsive template
  • summary within the dashboard
  • semester, course and teacher assigning
  • multiple user profile creation
  • Result adding facility from CSV file.
  • Multiple result adding facility from CSV file.
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