Pavicoop Cooperative Management System

PaviCoop is a fully integrated cloud cooperative management system that delivers the conventional cloud based banking solutions to cooperative societies.
Our solution is engineered to ease the difficult job of running a cooperative and to open up more channels for profitability and accountability.
The solution is renowned for mitigating fraud and ensuring accountability in cooperative society fund management and members account reporting.
Transaction alert and account reconciliation with multi-factor user authentication are all added to give the solution world class user experience under high level security.


Membership Management

Register new members on the platform. Update current members' information. Manage members' financial transactions.

Loan Management

This module handles the processing and disbursement of loans. All the operations are done online without any paperwork.

Commodity Management

Members can apply for commodities/products online and approval done online seamlessly.

Multiple Admin access

Admins are given various privileges depending on their roles in the cooperative society. 

SMS & Email Notification

Email and SMS notification is sent automatically for every trancation on the application.

Manage Multiple Locations

You can easily manage different locations from the application. Perform different taks from one administrative account.

Track Financial Growth

Robust reporting module that helps to keep track of the financial health of the cooperative.

Guarantor confirmation

Guarantors for loans can accept or reject request online. They get notified via SMS or email immediately they are selected.

..More more features

There are more great features to enjoy.


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