The church management system is a simple and effective software for church management and administration.

It is a complete church administration system with a lot of features and functions to enhance the management and administration capabilities of a church.

It is a web-based system and can be deployed on the internet or intranet for Administrators, Church Management, Families, and Members.


It is a simple and effective application that automate all the activities in the church. It helps Churches build better relationship with members, improve communications and connections and measure performance at any time. The application empowers the members to stay connected with the church and other members, sharing testimonies, announcements and events on the go.


It is an effective, efficient, integrated, and comprehensive Management Solution for any Religious Institution like churches, fellowships, ministries, etc.


Easily manage the information of members of the church, new converts and first-timers, automated birthday alerts, build stronger relationships, and connect with people personally.


Maintain accurate records of all church events and services, attendance, new converts, and church financials. Automate SMS church service and events reminders to be sent to members on due date and time.


Group people by assigning them a tag., use that tag to communicate with the group or add the members to an event. Tags can be used for group volunteers, event attendees, small group members, and more.


Flexible, simple, and proper church accounting features for better church financial recording and reporting. Other features are online tithe/offering payment, accounting system and contribution management


Send unlimited rich SMS and Email notification to members of your congregations. Communicate quicker with members of the congregation using the built-in SMS and Email messaging system.


Generate summary report of most key performance indicators for the church for any specified date range. Reports like membership, financial and attendance.

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