4 ways an e-Commerce website can improve your business

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1. An eCommerce website becomes your hub

An eCommerce website can serve as your business hub, even if your shop location is thriving. The major thing is that you need to get online. Anettcom technologies have no monthly fee; you can launch your online shop and start selling products right away — you only pay a little amount per transaction.

Don’t be fearful of the prospect of building your own website. you need an expert to do that for you. Your offline and online orders and inventory automatically sync in real-time we helping you to build your website, so you won’t need to worry about overselling or disappointing customers.

Adding an eCommerce website to your omnichannel strategy can also increase your sales by reaching customers who start their product research online. All sites include optimized HTML format and mobile-friendly designs to help raise your Google ranking. If marketed correctly, a strategic online presence can drive traffic to your physical location as well as your social media channels and events.

2. It helps you gather information

Having an eCommerce website also offers an easy way to capture important data you can use to delight customers and drive sales. Collect customer information by asking visitors to sign up for your email marketing list. This allows you to connect with them later, putting your business top of mind for their future purchases. Square Online Store has an integrated email marketing campaign tool that helps you easily send a newsletter, invitation, or product or service announcement, or just a quick update.


Having a website also gives you a vehicle for collecting valuable data on product interests, reviews, and searches. Square Online Store analytics provide insight into customer behavior in a way that can’t be gathered from people who walk through your front door. You get reports on visitors, items, categories, and sales trends over time.

 3. It expands your reach

An eCommerce website offers you a chance to promote your business more efficiently. Another way to expand your customer reach is by trying integrated Facebook ads, employing digital marketers, (we also do that). Re-engage shoppers by creating targeted Facebook ads showing products they viewed but didn’t buy. Fashion designer, a women’s clothing store in Osogbo, has grown by using its website to also direct customers to its Facebook and Instagram pages.

4. You can offer more customer service options

Finally, an eCommerce website allows you to enhance your products and services by creating more buying opportunities. For example, you can allow customers to purchase a product online or pick it up in the store. This is a great option for restaurants, fashion designers, hairdressers, small business startups, and more entrepreneurs. 

For retail sellers, you can allow customers to buy online and return in-store. This can reduce shipping costs as well as open the door to potentially more sales when the shopper comes into your physical location.

Adding eCommerce is a smart business

The most important way to serve your customers is to be where they are. Anettcom Technologies makes it easy,  there’s no risk. You’ll not only offer the best customer experience but also make your business more successful.

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